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KasamaKA is a community and income builder program where every member can earn an extra income.


KasamaKA aims to support the government’s thrust on promoting the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion. It also aims to provide Filipinos with more access to alternative financial services. This includes digital lending, insurance, savings, investment, payments, lay-away and more, aimed at creating a better standard of living for everyone.

This is also one of the ways where everyone can have a better understanding about the products and how this can help each and every Filipino family. Similarly, this aims to steer away majority of Filipinos from 5-6 lending, informal lenders or loan sharks offering unreasonable interest rates. Filipinos can now access this service anytime, anywhere, with their mobile phones or other mobile devices. Come and join the program because “KasamaKA”!


KasamaKA is a community and income builder program where each member (‘KasamaKA Builder’) may refer other individuals (‘Applicant’) who are interested to apply for various digital financial services such as loans, insurance, investment, savings, payments, lay-away and other products offered at A KasamaKA Builder may earn up to ₱300 for every booked/released loan or other financial services referred.


The KasamaKA Program is open to all Filipinos who are interested in becoming a KasamaKA Community Builder to earn extra income.


a. Sign-up via website OR via SMS: VIA WEBSITE: Sign-Up at to become a KasamaKA Community Builder Provide the following details:

Full Name

Date of Birth


Present Address

Source of Income

Mobile Number

VIA SMS: Text REG <Space><First Name>/<Last Name>/<Date of Birth, MMDDYYYY>/<Address> and send to 29292
b. Once registered, you will receive your KasamaKA Builder ID Code via text message. After receiving the text message, you may now refer others to apply for a loan and other financial services at using your Builder ID.


Refer your family, friends, “suki”, neighbors or other people you know who are interested to apply for a loan or other financial services at and earn extra income.

  • Once you become a registered Lendr KasamaKA Builder, you will receive your unique KasamaKA Builder ID via text message. In order to qualify for cash credit, the Applicant you referred must enter your KasamaKA Builder ID in his/her application at
  • Only booked/released loans will be entitled for cash credit. KasamaKA Builders may earn as much as P300 for every booked/released loan and other financial services referred.
  • You will receive the cash credit through your PayMaya account based on the following schedule:
    Booked Loans Cut-Off Credit Date
    1st to 15th end of the month
    16th to 31st 15th of the next month

Aggregate cash credit for PayMaya accounts that are NOT upgraded is up to ₱50,000 per month and for Upgraded accounts is up to ₱100,000 per month. Any amount in excess will be credited the following month.


  • Please make sure that your registered mobile number is the same as the one being used for your registered/upgraded PayMaya Account, since this is where your cash credits will be disbursed as a KasamaKA Community Builder.
  • A KasamaKA Builder will not have access to the applications of his/her referred applicants. A KasamaKA builder will also not be able to submit applications in behalf of the applicant he/she referred.
  • The KasamaKA Builder may also apply for loans and other financial services for himself/herself and may earn an extra income for every successful referral.
  • All sign-up forms submitted before 5PM from Mondays to Fridays will be processed within two (2) business days and will receive KasamaKA Builder ID via SMS notification.
  • This program, along with other terms and conditions/program mechanics may be changed or terminated by FINTQnologies Corp., without prior notice.
  • In case of disputes about, but not limited to, the qualifications of a KasamaKA Builder, the decision of FINTQnologies Corp. will prevail.
  • The (Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy)stated in the use of shall apply and will be followed by the KasamaKA Builder.
  • The Terms & Conditions stated in the use of PayMaya Account/Card shall apply and will also be followed by the KasamaKA Builder. Visit for more details.
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